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Ski Jumping Programs

Learn To Fly

SWSA's Annual Holiday Jump Camp

The Salisbury Winter Sports Association invites area youngsters to learn how to fly over the Christmas holiday week. SWSA will sponsor a two-day ski jumping clinic for anyone age seven and older, Wednesday and Thursday, December 30th and 31st, 2015, at Satre Hill in Salisbury.

No ski jumping experience is required according to SWSA President Ken Barker, but participants must bring their own downhill or cross country skis, boots and helmets. “ Over the course of the two days, the kids will get a feel for what ski jumping is all about, and they will get a chance to practice their new skills on the 20 meter beginner hill” Barker said.

“ We make snow just like the downhill ski areas,” Barker said, “ so we will be ready to go even if Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate.”

The fee for the two-day event is $40 per skier, which includes instruction in jumping basics, practice, some individual guidance and lunch for both days. Also, the first 25 youngsters to register Wednesday morning will receive a jump camp T shirt.

The clinic will run from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm both days. The camp will conclude with a mini tournament starting at 2:00 pm on Thursday.

To pre-register or for more information, e mail Ken Barker at kennethsbarker@gmail.com or call him at 1 860 806-0471.

Ski Jumping at Satre Hill

SWSA provides instruction for jumpers from 6 years old and up. Currently we have jumpers using our 20 and 30-meter hills. Both hills have been worked on recently to improve the quality of the hill and experience.

Things to know before you start:

  • Skiers progress from small to larger jumps, advancing at their own pace
  • Ski Jumping at SWSA allows skiers to develop the skills and confidence necessary for safe and enjoyable ski jumping. All levels welcome.
  • Beginning jumpers may use their alpine skis, eventually transitioning to jumping skis
  • Jumping equipment is available for use at no added cost
  • Helmets are mandatory


Practice will be held Wednesday and Friday evenings from 5-7, and Saturday afternoons from 1-3
( Weather permitting ) Changes to this schedule will be emailed to parents by our coach. For more information, feel free to reach out to us by emailing info@jumpfest.org

"Team SWSA" is a group of area youth who have tried ski jumping and continue to train beyond the Holiday Camp. They can compete throughout New England with their first competition at SWSA during Jumpfest small hills competition.

Participation in tournaments at other clubs is optional, but lots of fun!

SWSA shares training and competitive opportunities in winter and summer with the Eastern Ski Jumping Association who have clubs in Lake Placid (NYSEF), Lebanon, NH (Lebanon Outing Club), Andover, NH (Andover Outing Club and Hanover, NH (Ford Sayre).

Participation outside SWSA is optional.

Snow permitting there is also the opportunity to try cross-country skiing.

Contact info@jumpfest.org for more information and to register.

For Parents of Jumpers

What I learned when my child became a ski jumper:

  1. Ski jumpers are not high off the ground. Their flight is for distance and matches the contour of the hill.
  2. After a year of jumping my child showed marked self-confidence that exemplified itself in his every day life.
  3. No matter the competency of the jumper it is a small community where everyone supports each other. Cheers of support equally reward soaring perfection and brave attempts.
  4. If your equipment needs adjustment, breaks, is faulty, team members and even competitors, will find a new set of skis for you to be able to participate.
  5. When my child casually sits next to Olympians and International competitors he/she forms new goals, aspirations, and objectives in sports and life.

History of SWSA

In 1924 John Satre immigrated to Salisbury to work as a chauffeur for the Warner family and in 1925 both Olaf and Magnus, his brothers, joined him. Being well known jumpers and cross country skiers in Norway they established what was known then as the Salisbury Outing Club.

On January 29th, 1927 the club held its first competition with a crowd of over two hundred spectators. Ski jumping was here to stay. In 1933 the Salisbury Outing Club hosted the National Championships. During the years of the war the jump fell into disrepair. Again in 1945 its residents renamed and started what is now known as the Salisbury Winter Sports Association.

Improvements to the landing hill and the tower were made in 1950 and in 1952 SWSA hosted the Eastern National Championships. The Satre family started a tradition for the Town of Salisbury and the local community that continues to nourish and grow.

Our Mission

The mission of the Salisbury Winter Sports Association is to acquaint our nearby communities, especially the children, with Nordic ski-jumping, cross-country and Alpine skiing, and to teach the skills necessary for their enjoyment and lifelong pursuit. As part of its mission, SWSA hosts and perpetuates the annual ski-jumping competition on Satre Hill to sustain ski jumping in Salisbury and the Eastern United States.

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Friends of SWSA

Meet our Board of Directors

Ken Barker - President -

Mat Kiefer - Vice President -

Jon Higgins - Treasurer -

Carey Fiertz - Secretary -

Ariel Kobayashi - Director -

Matt Bannerman - Director -

Serena Taylor - Director -

Holly Reid - Director -

Reginald Lamson Jr. - Director -

Rosina Rand - Director -

Caroline Gilbert - Director -

Scooter Tedder - Director -

Billy Sheil - Director -

Nick Collin - Director -

Cicely Hajek - Director -

Digby Brown - Director -

Willie Hallihan - Director -

Brian Sangster - Director -

Joe Geraghty - Director -

Scott Fitch - Director -

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Salisbury Winter Sports Associate
A Salisbury tradition for 90 years, this all-volunteer, non-profit organization has fostered the exhilarating sport of ski jumping among all ages and generations. SWSA continues to improve its snowmaking capabilities, ensuring that the Eastern National Ski Jumping Championships will remain an annual event in Salisbury, CT

501(c)(3) Non-Profit

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